5 Tragic Dental Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

dental marketing for dentists

Achieving social media success is not just about posting a photo and an article and hoping that it will provide good image marketing for a certain service.

There is a lot of strategy and sincerity that is needed in order to make a social media campaign work.

Local dentists who want to make a name for themselves and their business need to avoid certain digital marketing mistakes; this is in order to make sure that they would continue to have a strong social media presence.

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Poor Content

A website, despite being launched and having an easy to understand user interface is useless if the content does not provide useful information.

Dentists need to be able to provide what the services are all about and additional information as to the dental processes that are being offered.

Hiring good and effective SEO writers that would create timely and relevant articles is needed in order to make sure that the digital campaign would work.

Poor content means posting a lot of words that do not really represent the product or service that is being provided.

A good content is direct to the point, precise and is able to maximize thoughts in just 300-500 words in order to keep the interest of the client.

2 Buying low quality backlinks

Google webmasters and other top search engine sites are checking backlinks, and websites that contain low quality backlinks are subjected to scrutiny.

Site owners who want to build a good reputation and who want to be on top of the search, need to avoid using low quality backlinks in order to avoid being perceived as fake sites.

3. No effective use of keywords

Keywords that are placed inside the content can increase the number of site visitors if done correctly.

If it is properly done, and phrases and keywords are relevant, then the pages can have a much easier time appearing at search results.

In order for the dental service to be properly promoted, the keywords that would be used in the article must be effective, it must be something that people are actually using and the terms must be popular among clients.

4. Not getting online marketers

Despite having a website, and a good content, there is so much more that can be done in order to promote a site.

Putting an online marketer, can help make the dental services website look more clients friendly and professional, the questions of the client can be answered right away, instead of just relying on indirect e-mails.

Dentists have a higher chance of getting a client sign up, with the help of an approachable online marketer.

5. Failing To Understand What The Client Needs

In order to make sure that the marketing campaign would be effective. The campaign that is used online, must be able to fill the needs of the clients, an in depth understanding of what clients need with dental services needs to be covered. There must be research and profiling of the user, as well as a feasibility study, and this should be reflected on the digital campaign that is used.

A well structured, and well maintained site that contains original as well as high quality content will definitely attract more customers.

P.S here are a few more mistakes to avoid in the form of a video

5 Fantastic Dental Marketing Ideas For Your Practice


Online marketing is vital in increasing a website’s ranking. But even though this is already a basic fact to every online marketer, still there are many of them who don’t know how to effectively promote their site and market their products and services. Indeed, there are a lot of tools and strategies that you can use to carry out optimization tasks and perform link building works; however Dental websites have different development needs. You need to consider that Dental Web design and optimization is a bit different from the usual optimization and link building tasks done in a business website. Below are some dental SEO marketing ideas.

Choose a user-friendly design-Your website’s design is the first thing that your visitors will see, thus you have to create a very good impression out of this. It has to be pleasant in the eyes and easy to navigate. Choose an appropriate color for the text in your pages to make them readable. After all your visitors came into your site to look for some information, don’t disappoint them by putting content that even you can barely read. As much as possible, do not use an image for the background of your site because this can sometimes be distracting. Too much graphics and animation is also not advised because nobody likes to read when there are a lot of flying objects around the page.

Use keywords that web users commonly search for-Of course, keyword-research is very important in SEO. You need to know exactly what your potential clients are looking for when they are online. Or to narrow down your search, you may ask your existing clients of what they will likely look for on the Web and document them. You can integrate the results together with what you got from your research online. Surely, you will have a very good basis in selecting your most important keywords.

Create a profile page or about us page-People would surely want to know at least your name, background and qualifications. This is vital because this will give them the idea of whom will they be talking to should they decide to go for the service you are offering.

Provide your site’s contact information-It is important that you have a dedicated page for the contact page. Once you got the interest of the web users, they will try to contact you. Make sure that the contact link is visible enough to the users so they can easily find the page.

Post unique, relevant and quality content-A website is not just designed to sell products and services but also to provide useful information to web users whether they are potential clients or just plain visitors. Remember that even if they don’t buy what you have but since they contribute to the human traffic of your site, they can help you a lot in bringing new visitors. The more visitors you have the more clients you will likely have.

These are the basic steps that you need to do in order to market your dental practice and website effectively online.

Simple Tips On Maintaining Your Dental Health


Every single one of us wants to have a great smile. Therefore it’s critical that you focus on developing a routine that will help you to develop and maintain proper dental health. Here are some very simple tips that should allow you to properly take care of your teeth and maintain your pearly whites.

It is absolutely critical that you see your dentist on a regular basis. Brushing your teeth regularly may well not be enough and even if you have a proper dental hygiene routine at home it is still important for you to take regular trips to your dentist to make sure that everything is in order.

Proper dental health and hygiene will, however, begin at home. Regular checkups with your dentist may only be precautionary if you do everything properly at home. It is, therefore, important for you to develop habits that will help you to maintain your oral hygiene. This will involve flossing your teeth prior to brushing your teeth first of all.

It is important that you brush your teeth regularly. Most people aim to brush their teeth at least twice a day – when they get up in the morning and before they go to bed at night. If you really want to go all out it may be a good idea for you to brush your teeth after every meal as well.

Once you have brushed you should then swill your mouth out using a proper mouthwash. This will have a further impact on strengthening and cleaning your teeth. Consult with your dentist about an appropriate mouthwash that you could use.

The final part of your routine may well involve chewing sugarfree gum after every meal. This can be very helpful in removing plaque and therefore will have a positive effect upon your dental health. Follow this routine properly and whenever you visit the dentist he should find no problems at all.